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What you need to know when choosing a wedding dress


Wedding day is one of the most exciting days in the life of lovers. For them it is the day of the beginning of a new life, which is associated with many expectations and hopes. Every girl since childhood imagines herself in a wedding dress, with a veil on her head and a beautiful bouquet in her hands. And the closer the wedding day, the more real the problem of choosing a wedding dress.

It’s best to allocate a whole day for trying on the wedding dress and not to put off the purchase until the last week. Not always the cut or style you need will fit the right size. It will be helpful to take a family member with you to the bridal salon or get advice from married girlfriends about their experience in choosing a dress.

Going into a bridal salon, it is best to tell the vendor in advance the amount you expect and the approximate models you want to see. This will help him not to waste your and his, time and nerves on trying on unsuitable outfits for you. You may also be asked to wash off makeup from your lips and face, so as not to spoil the tried-on wedding outfit with traces of cosmetics. In some salons you may hear an offer to put a bag on your head, so prepare yourself in advance for such radical methods. After choosing the right model do not run away! Do not forget that quite often the dress should be adjusted. And finally, having passed all these tests, you can relax a little and indulge yourself in the choice of wedding accessories.

The wedding dress. Let’s choose a color.

In ancient times, in Russia, in the bride’s attire, the red color was the main color, it symbolized happiness and prosperity. But, in 1840, when Queen Victoria married in white dress, she introduced the fashion for a white wedding dress. White is a symbol of celebration, purity, sincerity, which prevails in the attire for the bride in Europe, Russia and other countries. For the bride who likes to stand out, wedding salons offer outfits of all kinds of shades: pink, pistachio, gold. The bride’s character can be determined by the color of the wedding dress. Red dress is for unpredictable natures, striving for leadership; yellow wedding dress is for those who like to be in full view, to please, to give warmth; blue dress is for a girl stylish and refined; blue is a strict color, suitable for a girl with a strong character; the girl with a dream will choose a pink wedding dress; youth and tenderness will emphasize the pastel colors of the outfit. The combination of black and white in the bride’s attire suggests that she is a person to be reckoned with. Speaking of which, finding the right dress today is not difficult. In Paris, during wedding fashion week, the bride presented a black wedding dress by Cymbeline Paris, which caused a real sensation. And if you want to buy a beautiful wedding dress from KiraNova, go to the website https://kira-nova.com.

What you need to know when choosing a wedding dress

Short wedding dresses

Fashion dictates us its terms, at the peak of popularity is the business style, then the wild mesmerizing mini, and what to say about the wedding fashion? This is the trend of the current season. If you want to be a real queen, then short wedding dresses are what you need. Immerse yourself in a world of splendor and glamor, and then you will feel just perfect.

There are many points of view about short wedding dresses. Many may call them vulgar and licentious. But in fact, this is not the case. Today, many designers are producing such dresses. They perfectly fit the figure and emphasize it. But at the same time such dresses may not suit everyone. In order to be confident, such a dress should be measured and look in the mirror.

The wedding dress does not have to be white. It can be any color you like. But then it would not be a wedding dress, you say. What for you is a wedding dress, you define yourself. It’s time to move away from stereotypes and break down walls on the way to your dreams. Today you can meet many ads with the text sale of wedding dresses. There are a lot of them, so you have the opportunity to choose exactly what suits you. Wedding dresses are not just a closet item. If you are lucky, you will have to choose it once in your life. Therefore, to such a choice should be taken with responsibility. Good luck in your choice and have a good shopping!

5 kinds of wedding dresses

A girl’s main concern before her wedding is choosing a dress. So, you want to be extraordinary and charming on the solemn and most important day of your life! Choosing a wedding dress is a difficult and responsible business, so girls need some knowledge. Bridal dresses have five basic silhouettes. Knowing as no one else your figure, all its advantages and disadvantages, pick one of the following options, in which the wedding dresses are performed:Ball gown. The most advantageous option in the sense that it will help hide small flaws of the figure. The style implies a tight bodice and a puffed skirt to the floor. The volume of the skirt is given by a crinoline or podyubnik;

Princess. In a dress with a tight top and smoothly expanding bottom you really look like a princess. The cut will make you look slimmer, especially if the lower part of your body looks a little shallower than the upper;

Mermaid. This is one of the subspecies of the princess silhouette. The dress from the hips line extends downward and demonstrates your slender hips and thin waist;

What you need to know when choosing a wedding dress

Empire. Fashion has an exaggerated waist and skirt along the figure. The best option for pregnant brides;

Straight silhouette. Girls of high height with an ideal figure such a dress will make simply gorgeous. Those who have a smaller height, you can also choose this option, but with a shallow fabric pattern and as few folds as possible.

Choose one that will make you slender and will advantageously emphasize your virtues. Such a dress will bring you real pleasure.

What you need to know when choosing a wedding dress


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