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The reasons why men don’t pay attention to women they lik


All guys are different and therefore they like girls different too. Someone is looking for a pair of active, cheerful and purposeful lady with a strong willful character.

Others prefer cute, shy, quiet girls whose range of interests is limited to one or more hobbies. And if you do not know why men do not pay attention to you, follow this link men ignore women.

Although it is obvious that almost every young man would like to build a relationship with a beautiful, well-groomed, intelligent and wise woman. Only the idea of the above also varies from one man to another. It is impossible to please all men — if one particular lady seems ideal, the other will not even look in her direction. There can be only one council: it is necessary to develop in the direction in which you want to, watch yourself, expand your horizons.

Asking questions about why smart and beautiful men do not pay due attention to me, we must try to understand how the strong sex perceives girls.

Perhaps the woman is positioning herself somehow wrong, and young people do not know how to respond to it. For example, a lady does not take the initiative for romantic dating, and the potential partner begins to think that his sympathy is not reciprocal. Or the situation is absolutely opposite: the girl is too intrusive, tortured, crosses personal boundaries, something demands from her chosen ones, and it pushes them away.

Successful and intelligent men like self-sufficient women who are able to show feelings, but do not psychologically pressure. Do not try to manipulate, provoke a guy if the novel is just beginning to develop. This trait can destroy even the strongest alliances.

Possible causes…

The reasons why a guy he likes ignores can be endless. Sometimes it’s the young man himself, and sometimes it’s the girl. You should try to figure it out for yourself, to analyze the current situation.

You’re not his type.

The very first and obvious reason why a good-looking man does not pay attention — the inconsistency of his preferences. Unfortunately, this happens often: the guy the girl liked, and she did not, but to say it directly to him somehow uncomfortable. So it turns out that the lady suffers from guessing and does not understand what is wrong with her.

Sometimes a person is ready to be friends, but romantic relationships are not interesting to him. Or in principle he is not attracted to this type of people, he is looking for another society. And this does not mean that the girl is worse than him — sometimes even the opposite.

Some men like cheerful and relaxed girls, so it is difficult for them to communicate with wise and deep women: it burdens them, pisses them off, makes them feel stressed and worried.

Appearance also plays a role: some prefer thin, some full, others like girls with athletic and pumped bodies. You should not try to like all men, going against their inner feelings. It’s a waste of time and energy.

A guy has a girlfriend, and he’s not interested in others.

It’s one thing when a girl asks herself why beautiful guys don’t pay attention to me, and another thing is why one particular guy doesn’t pay attention to me. If a woman is obsessed with one person, she won’t even notice the compliments and courting from others, because her head is busy thinking about the other.

And why the subject of sympathy does not show initiative to the novel — a completely different topic. Either he is in love with someone else, or is already in a relationship.

The guy hasn’t gotten to know each other.

There are situations when a good-looking man doesn’t plan to find a partner. He does not want to spend time on this, wants to be alone for a while or solves his own problems, not wanting to involve third parties in them.

Do not rush a guy if you can see that he wants to think about what is happening in his life. It is desirable to give him the opportunity to deal with current affairs.

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