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How to get acquainted with a girl correctly


Greetings to the male half of our site readers! On the agenda we have a burning theme — dating. I will tell you how to get acquainted with a girl on the street — where to start a conversation, how to approach correctly, what mistakes not to make.

With the advent of the Internet, the romantic era of street dating has approached its sunset. Every day, fewer and fewer daredevils dare to come up and talk to an unknown girl alive. This is not surprising — learning to get acquainted with the WC, for example, is much easier.
But if you are not looking for easy ways and are used to taking everything from life, I suggest you to pass a difficult quest called «Meeting a girl on the street. This is a real school of life, after which you will not be afraid of anything. And if you are interested in Date a Girl with Social Anxiety Disorder, go to the site.

We have recently published on the site a selection of courses on relationships. There are a lot of training programs for guys. Open the article right now and run through it with your eyes.

Teachers are different, so are the programs. If you can, buy several courses from different teachers. Please note that there are a lot of free programs, they are also listed in the article. They can be immediately downloaded and mastered.

I will recommend a few more courses at the end of this material, be sure to pay attention to them.

The right attitude

Before you start getting acquainted on the street, you should work on your psychological mood. The main obstacle for most men is the fear of rejection. By the way, it is quite justified — according to statistics, only 2 out of 10 attempts at street acquaintance are successful.

Tune in to the fact that at the initial stage of refusals you cannot avoid. So that you do not suffer self-esteem, consider the process as a fascinating learning. If you drive, remember the first time you got behind the wheel. It was scary, the body did not obey, my legs trembled.

What was your conclusion after that?

Surely, you decided that you don’t have any skills yet, you need to practice more, and then every time the driving will become easier and more pleasant. And what would it be if after the first unsuccessful attempt you began to consider yourself an unfit loser, fell into despair and swore never to sit behind the lamb again? That’s right — you would still walk.

Getting to know you is also a skill that requires practice, experience, feedback. After each failure, repeat the mantra: «It’s okay, I’m just learning. Over time, the negative experience will be replaced by a positive one, and you will start to enjoy meeting any girl.

components of a successful acquaintance

You have about 30 seconds to form a first impression of yourself when you get acquainted. If you want to be on top of it in these half-minutes, you will have to spend tens of hours on preparation.


No matter how smart, versatile, talented you are, when you meet them spontaneously on the street you will be evaluated first of all by your appearance. So pay attention to the following tips — they will help you create an image pleasing to the eye.

Keep your back straight

Good posture — a frame on which the image of the man is kept. Always, not only during the acquaintance with a girl. So, if you tend to slouch, work on your back in the gym.

Keep an eye on yourself

Unlike girls, men have everything simple here — a clean head, neatly cut nails, cultivated vegetation on the face. I hope that everyone observes it.

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