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How to choose a place to date


While some guys are just starting to look for the other half, others are already thinking about asking her out on a first date. But it is important not just to invite, but to do it so intriguing that the girl, without hesitation, gave her consent. It is only necessary to have the courage to use the most proven methods. This can be done in very different ways, which will impress anyone:

  • One of the most banal, but effective ways — is to send a bouquet of her favorite flowers, and inside put a note with an invitation to the most long-awaited date. Everything is perfect and simple, like in the movies. And the main thing is that she is satisfied with a beautiful bouquet and a new fan, or date night ideas;
  • write her a letter. Yes, it’s a bit old-fashioned and it’s not a fact that she will look in the mailbox that day, but it’s a very original version of an invitation to a romantic date;
  • an even more original version is to record a video invitation. You’ll need a camera and charisma for that. Charm her with your desire to meet with her, proving you are eager to meet her. You can send this video to her mail, which is not so hard to get right now.
  • a date should not be accompanied by friends and family. You don’t want to scare the girl away, do you? Don’t ask a girl out on a date with your company, just like don’t ask her to take friends. This is your personal date. Otherwise, you risk being left without a date.
  • After an invitation, you have to think about what the perfect date is. Fully think about the place, maybe it’s worth sketching a little script to make sure everything goes perfectly. Most guys don’t know where to take a girl. Yeah, they see their friends too, but these are football clubs and bars, and this place is the worst place for a girl.

How do you choose the perfect place?

For dating a girl it is better to choose a cozy place, where it will be comfortable for you two, and you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything. To properly develop communication with a girl, you need to be closer to her, so you have to choose a place where you will be conveniently located closer to each other. Remember that you are on a date, not a simple business meeting.

Here are a few rules that should be considered when choosing a place to date.

  • in the place where your date is going to take place, preferably a comfortable place to stay. After all, it is not very comfortable to hold a date, sitting somewhere at the bar, among a bunch of other men who can easily steal your girlfriend. In an institution where you will invite her, be sure to have comfortable sofas, sitting on which you both will not feel discomfort. And besides, it is a plus to your proximity, because in your perspective as soon as possible to move to the level of kisses and hugs, and on the sofa to do it is much more comfortable than sitting on chairs. Such an atmosphere will help to seduce a girl;
  • the place shouldn’t be too crowded so the fuss doesn’t distract you. Also a big plus will be the muted lighting, romantic relaxing music. If it’s a cafe or restaurant, it’s advisable that the tables are placed far apart or separated by partitions so that the neighbors don’t overhear your conversation;
  • before you ask a girl out, you should think about whether it would be convenient for her to get there? After all, if a girl lives in one part of the city, and you invite her completely in another, it is unlikely she will get without adventure. Or she’ll have much less desire for this meeting;
  • ask her what she loves and prefers not to disappoint the girl on the date. She may have a favorite exotic place or park that she associates with beautiful memories. Try to give her unforgettable new emotions in an old place;
  • bong houses, cafes, restaurants. We recommend choosing a place that suits both of you. On the first date it is better not to take a girl to a restaurant, because it is: firstly, it is banal, secondly — many girls are shy to eat on the first date;
  • you have to take the girl to a place that could pull your wallet. If you earn a little and can’t provide a good date for a girl, we advise you to educate yourself and find a good job that will bring a good income;
  • learn to communicate with a girl, turn on your charisma. Be gallant, brought up with her. Be confident, show her that you are a man and can make decisions.

Unusual places for dating

According to statistics, almost every fifth man decides where he’ll take the girl on a date. And all the other decisions can’t be made and dump it on the girl’s fragile shoulders. But, so that there was no such confuses and eternal disputes about the choice of place, we offer you the top best places for a romantic date.

  • the park. The most budget and optimal choice for a warm season. A walk in the park will allow you to quietly and leisurely enjoy the nature. The main thing is to lay a route so as not to get into an unpleasant situation during a date. What’s more wonderful about the parks are the benches you can sit on if you are tired during a walk. The parks always have plenty of tea and coffee stands to keep you warm if it suddenly gets cold;
  • the coffee shop. Coffee shops are available in any city, but it’s better to choose one where you can sit down and socialize. The atmosphere should be quiet and pleasant, secluded so that no one interferes with your date. It is not necessary to take a girl to a restaurant, because eating is not the most important thing during the first date. For acquaintance it will be enough to have a cup of coffee or tea just to take your hands;
  • cozy cafes. Choose a place where it is quiet and cozy — it will not prevent you from having a nice conversation with a girl;
  • anti-cafes. There are a lot of places like this all over the country. Here you can have fun, perhaps play some interesting games. And tea or coffee is already included in the price;
  • a walk around town. This is a great option for dating in the summertime. Take a walk through the sights of your city, while getting close to a girl. This is a great budget option;
  • a movie theater. It is a great option for both summer and winter. Plus, it’s a budget option. And you will have at least one topic to talk about — the movie you have seen;
  • a picnic. An outdoor picnic is a great option for a date. A backpack, a bottle of wine and a blanket are all you need for a first date. Imagine walking in the park and offering a picnic right here. Now, that would be really unexpected and original;
  • to attend some kind of festival. Usually there are some cool festivals in big cities, you can get information on your city website. They are most often held in parks or squares;
  • hike. Invite her to go on a hike. Try to experience unforgettable emotions in the open air;
  • suggest she take a walk with the animals. If she has an animal such as a dog, ask her to walk with him;
  • the roof. Invite her to the roof of a high-rise building. Now you can even go to special agencies that can arrange such a date for you. It’s very romantic;
  • the promenade. It’s the perfect place to walk in the summer. You can also have a picnic there by spreading a blanket and taking something to drink with you;
  • a restaurant. Suitable for any date in any weather;
  • a walk on the water. You can take a boat ride or a pleasure boat. Suitable for warm weather;
  • theater. It is better to discuss this option with your partner in advance to choose an interesting performance and dress accordingly.

Remember that a place is just a small part of a date. It is important how you will behave with her, what you will talk about, and how quickly your relationship will develop. But a place can make a good contribution. Remember that the first impression is very important!

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