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With the advent of the Internet, opportunities have appeared for doing business online, without being tied either to an office or to a country of residence.

Most people get the image of a happy man with a laptop, who sits under a palm tree in a warm country and makes money and this is true, but is it so easy to achieve it?

One of the types of online earnings without investing money is dropshipping software development.

Let us analyze in ordinary words in this publication how you can make money on this and how much.

What is it and how dropshipping works

The word "dropshipping" comes from two English words "drop" and "shipping", which can be translated as "direct delivery".

This is the lowest-risk type of online sales.

The dropshipping system works like this:

The seller negotiates with the supplier directly from his warehouse.
The seller creates a store in the worldwide network. This can be either a separate site or a page on social networks (Vkontakte or Instagram, for example). In the online store, the goods are laid out that the seller will offer.
A buyer who is interested in a product orders and pays for it.
The seller transfers money to the supplier minus his own earnings and transfers the buyer's contacts.
The supplier sends the buyer his purchase, without different markings of the place where the shipment is coming from. In the end, the end customer does not even know that the goods were sent not by the online store, but by another supplier.
The consumer receives his own package.
To create and maintain a store, many tools have been invented, for example, for automatic synchronization of prices with a supplier or creating your own website on a ready-made site. Platforms in demand: Easync, Oberlo.

Two popular types of dropshipping

The dropshipping business originated in Western countries in the twentieth century.

At the moment it is divided into 2 main types:

Traditional. Its mechanism is described in the previous paragraph. The seller sells goods as if from himself, but practically he does not have such goods, and the dispatch is made by the supplier's warehouse.
"Ideal". It is more popular in the Russian Federation, because we do not like to pay for a purchase before it gets into our hands, but rather like the due payment. Of course, the seller is not profitable when he is forced to send goods that he does not have, despite the fact that he also has no money. This has created platforms where sellers simply redirect customers to vendor sites and receive a percentage of their own. In other words, the seller is essentially not even selling anything, but driving traffic to the actual supplier. In this type of trade, the dropship (seller) gets rid of negotiations, consultations, order acceptance, and more. A similar site is apishops.com.
Types of trading platforms
The trading floor is the "place" in the worldwide network where trade takes place.

As such a place, you can pick up resources:

Social network account. Dropshippers trade on Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook. In every social network there are opportunities for retraining a page for a business, for example, creating a link to payment, a catalog, etc. But still, social networks do not give absolutely everything that is necessary for trading, plus a lot of distractions for visitors — advertising, links, invitations, etc.
Own site. There are much more opportunities for the seller: you can create a selling one-page website or a real multi-page online store. On your website, you can create a real and convenient catalog, by going into which the user will quickly believe that these are direct deliveries.
Online store platform. The vastness of the Internet recommends a lot of services that make it possible to create one or more wholesale stores that use dropshipping. One of these platforms is re-commerce.ru.
Trading platforms such as Aliexpress, ebay or Avito. These are large aggregator sites with hidden tools for creating online stores. It is convenient for novice dropshippers to use the services of such portals, since they provide all the opportunities for creating their own store, connecting any payment methods, and selling around the world. The exception is Avito. The functionality for dropshipping is not very developed here.

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