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Best natural steroid supplements for muscle growth and fat burning


In professional and amateur bodybuilding, anabolic steroids are widely used to build muscle mass. This is their primary purpose, which has scientific proof.

However, looking at dried out pro carcasses, a natural question arises: is it not because of steroids that fat goes away?

In this article we will examine the scientific benefits of anabolic steroids for weight loss and body drying. And if you are interested in steroid supplements for muscle growth and fat burning, please visit JBHNews.

If you wandered into this page because you are overweight or obese and are looking for easy ways to lose weight with the magic of pills, teas and shots, press the stop pedal. This is a self-deception. There are no other ways to lose weight over a long period of time without harming your health except through the right diet and increased physical activity.

Main thoughts:

  • Anabolic steroids for body drying and weight loss
  • Anabolic steroids are the artificial analogue of the male hormone testosterone.

Initially, they were created to treat some diseases associated with impaired natural testosterone production in the body. Then, they were actively used by athletes to accelerate recovery and build muscle mass.

But these are widely known facts, and no one will be surprised by them.

A big intrigue is surrounded by the question about the ability of steroids to burn fat. Today we know, but some of their species really know how to do it (but not all).

Almost all professional bodybuilders use them at the stage of preparation for competitions and the wiry terrain you see is achieved to some extent thanks to them. Read the confession of a professional bodybuilder about products for body drying.

The secret is that on drying the body in the bodybuilding steroids help to preserve muscle mass, the risk of catabolism which is very high due to severe caloric restriction.

Scientific facts about the effectiveness of steroids for weight loss
Below are the results of some scientific studies that show that steroids activate the fat burning process.

1 Percent of fat in athletes on steroids is less than in straight people

The researchers aimed to measure the relative content of fat and muscles in the body of athletes on steroids and without. To do this, they measured the Body Mass Index (FFMI) of 157 athletes (83 on steroids, 74 straight) and compared it with known data for natural bodybuilders from the doperoid era (1).

The Classic Body Mass Index (Mass/Strength2) parameter estimates the ratio of height to total weight; its value for those with high muscle mass is equivalent to obesity in varying degrees. The same formula is used to calculate the Body Mass Index without fat, but body weight is taken without fat.

What did they get?

For straight people, the Body Mass Index without fat did not exceed 25, a value that is considered the norm in natural bodybuilding.

This figure collects well with the average FFMI for 20 American natural bodybuilders from the doperoid era (1939-1959) — 25.4.

For steroid athletes, FFMI was well above 25.0, some even 30. The researchers concluded that the FFMI parameter may be an indirect indicator of steroid use.

The percentage of body fat in those who use steroids is significantly lower, which is an indirect indicator of the use of steroids for weight loss.

2 Efficacy of steroids for weight loss in the case of transsexuals

To check the effectiveness of steroids for drying the body, you can use the example of those individuals who are undergoing hormonal therapy. Let’s look how the percent of fat in an organism of transsexuals changes (2).

In research 20 transsexuals Man->Woman to whom were injected female sexual hormones, and 17 transsexuals Woman->Man to whom were injected testosterone participated.

After 12 months of experiment, scientists found an increase in subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks (typical female places) and a decrease in muscle mass in men who convert to women.

In another group of women taking testosterone to become men, there was a significant increase in muscle mass and a decrease in the percentage of fat in all the above «female» places.

Scientific conclusion: sex hormones significantly determine the localization of fat in the body.

Experiments with transsexuals of both sexes show that hormonal therapy using steroids can be beneficial for weight loss.

3 The more fat person, the less testosterone levels

Scientific studies confirm that there is a clear relationship between how much body fat is in the body and levels of sex hormones.

A study of 1265 men aged 20-90 years found that the higher the percentage of body fat, the lower the testosterone levels and the higher the concentration of female sex hormones (3,4).

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